Hero Dogs

Prequel to the Echo Platoon Series by Marliss Melton
Prequel to the Echo Platoon Series by Marliss Melton

These days the relationship between man and dog has evolved into something truly special. Service dogs transform the lives of psychologically and physically injured veterans of war. They bring quality of life back to young people who have had it snatched away from them, as service dogs can perform tasks frustrating for the injured or provide emotional support and comfort to those with PTSD or traumatic brain injuries. These dogs are truly a blessing to those who need them. That’s why I decided to devote my upcoming short story, Look Again, to the importance of service dogs. Look Again is slated for release in late June and serves as a prequel to my upcoming Echo Platoon series, introducing you to characters you will soon fall in love with. While the cost of this 50-page short story might seem high at $2.99, proceeds from the sale will be donated to this nonprofit organization: Hero Dogs. Be sure to check out their website here and watch the video at the bottom of the first page. Buy this short story and do your part to pair up a wounded service member with his newest best friend.

5 thoughts on “Hero Dogs

    1. Wow, the big chains sure don’t make it easy for international readers to get ebooks. Hooray for independent publishers like Smashwords!

      Anyways, this story was great and really made me look forward to the new series. I’m also happy that buying the book helps amazing charity. So thank you, Marliss, both for a great story and for letting us take part in helping Hero Dogs.

    2. Ine, which book did you try to buy. Unfortunately my old publisher holds the rights to all seven of my original Navy SEALs series, and they have only published half of them at Amazon UK and AU, driving my readers there crazy. I don’t know how to get them the books they are missing.

  1. Hi,I just finished Look Again,and thought it was a wonderful story.wanted.to say I passed on to friends to purchase the book.and wish to thank you for your support of our troops.As a retired Navy wife who did thirty years with her hero,I know that our veterans need all the help that they can get.Great book!

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