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Marliss Melton had no ordinary childhood. Maybe that's why she's a bestselling author of stories that transport you with extraordinary warriors, women, and adventures.

Marliss Melton

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Marliss loves to hear from her readers and from fellow writers. Seen here with Marcus Luttrell, author of LONE SURVIVOR.

Marliss with Marcus Luttrell

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Happy Mother’s Day–Only 5...

Happy Mother’s Day–Only 5 days to the release of FRIENDLY FIRE!

Jeremiah reveals his idealistic streak. “Do you like your job?” she asked, filling the lengthy silence. He sent her a modest grin. “Yes. I tell myself I’m a modern-day Don Quixote, except that the giants I fight are real.” She could imagine how terrifyingly real they were. “Well, I’m proud of you, Don Quixote.” Her […]

May 7–Only six days left to the...

May 7–Only six days left to the release of FRIENDLY FIRE!

Emma can’t resist Jeremiah’s pull on her. She tried to keep her eyes open, to stare into his hazel and gold-flecked gaze, but he was moving closer, and she had to slam her eyelids shut to stop him from seeing how vulnerable she felt. “English,” he grated, calling her by the nickname he’d once given […]

5 de Mayo–Only Eight days left ...

5 de Mayo–Only Eight days left to the release of FRIENDLY FIRE!

Jeremiah’s fellow SEAL, Tristan, convinces Emma’s sister to set the couple up: His smile faded. “I want to throw them together and see what happens.” His expression grew serious. “Bullfrog is the purest human being I’ve ever known.” “That’s a strange word to use,” she said. “If you get to know him, you’ll see what […]

May 4–Only 9 days left until th...

May 4–Only 9 days left until the release of FRIENDLY FIRE!

Emma finds out her former student is a Navy SEAL: “That’s why I couldn’t find you,” she realized aloud. His eyebrows flexed. “You looked for me?” “Of course I looked for you.” How could he think for a moment that she hadn’t given him another thought? “I wanted to find out what you did after […]

May 3–Only Ten days to release ...

May 3–Only Ten days to release date for FRIENDLY FIRE!

She wasn’t married? What happened to Mr. Albright, the reason why she had tearfully begged him to drop her class and keep away from her? Curiosity clawed at him, even as he told himself it didn’t matter. She’d sent him away not exactly with his tail between his legs, but definitely feeling expendable. He wasn’t […]

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