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May 3–Only Ten days to release ...

May 3–Only Ten days to release date for FRIENDLY FIRE!

She wasn’t married? What happened to Mr. Albright, the reason why she had tearfully begged him to drop her class and keep away from her? Curiosity clawed at him, even as he told himself it didn’t matter. She’d sent him away not exactly with his tail between his legs, but definitely feeling expendable. He wasn’t […]

May 1–Twelve days left to relea...

May 1–Twelve days left to release of FRIENDLY FIRE

Well, of course she hadn’t recognized him. Five years ago, he’d been a lanky twenty-two-year-old with thick-lensed glasses. The Navy hadn’t just corrected his vision with laser surgery; it had packed fifty pounds of raw muscle onto his frame. Even if she had recognized him, there would be 2,400 passengers sailing to the Western Caribbean […]

Meet Navy SEAL author Jennifer Lowery...

Meet Navy SEAL author Jennifer Lowery!

Dear Readers, I’m thrilled to introduce another colleague of mine, Navy SEAL author Jennifer Lowery: Jennifer:  Hello, Marliss Melton fans and all you fabulous readers out there! *waves* Thank you so much for having me today. I’m super excited to be on Marliss’s blog! I just adore her!  Marliss: Jennifer, please tell us what your […]

Meet Navy SEAL author Teresa Reasor!

Meet Navy SEAL author Teresa Reasor!

Dear Readers, I’d like to introduce you to another contemporary of mine, Teresa Reasor. Here she is to tell us all about her Navy SEAL Books: 1)Please tell us what your SEAL books are like? Are they suspenseful? Hot and steamy? What words would you use to describe them? My SEAL books are about alpha […]

Men of Valor in 12th-century England

Men of Valor in 12th-century England

You know, I haven’t always written action-packed romantic suspense featuring U.S. Navy SEALs and fearless agency heroes. My first love was historical romance. For that reason, I have taken my first published novels, Danger’s Promise and By Starlight, and spun them with a finer yarn and with fifteen years of writing experience behind me. The […]

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