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Feb 02 2014

Wives and Widows of US Navy SEALs, the bravest of all

Widow of Mike McGreevy, Navy SEAL

When Marcus Luttrell signed a copy of LONE SURVIVOR for me, he wrote something very profound which I would like to reiterate: “The only job harder than being a Navy SEAL is being the wife one. You are the hero.” (He assumed as many do that my Navy retired husband was a SEAL).  But he …

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Jan 20 2014

LONE SURVIVOR, the book, inspired my fiction

Marliss & Laura McGreevy

After seeing the movie, LONE SURVIVOR, I was reminded of just how much former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s experience inspired my own writing. Before he even published LONE SURVIVOR back in 2007, I had read snippets in the newspapers about a sole surviving Navy SEAL of an operation-gone-wrong, and that news alone was enough to …

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Jan 02 2014

Got me a New Hero

New Hero for Marliss

To kick off 2014, I went and saw the new Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug, and it turned out to be my favorite of the series so far. With less emphasis on those hideous Orcs and no appearance of Gollum, who creeps me out, I enjoyed this Hobbit movie more than the others–no doubt because …

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Dec 26 2013

I’ve Found my Latest Heroine

Amy Adams as Ophelia Price

While visiting Philadelphia to research my upcoming novella, I watched the movie, Man of Steel, in my hotel room. This is what happens when you want to go to a piano bar but your daughter is only 10 years old. Who knew that you had to be 21 years old to go into a piano …

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Dec 17 2013

Former Navy SEAL Mark Divine, My Personal Hero

mark divine

Commander Mark Divine. The name says it all. He’s accomplished so much in his lifetime, I hardly know where to start, so I’ll start with how I got to know him. I required a real Navy SEAL to advise me on tactics and to edit the action in my SEAL books. So I queried the …

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Dec 01 2013

A Hero Lost

I’m saddened to learn of the passing of actor Paul Walker. Many of you remember him as the main protagonist in The Fast and the Furious movies. I remember him as my inspiration for Commander Joe Montgomery in my 4th Navy SEAL book, NEXT TO DIE. Walker died in a car accident on Saturday, November 30th …

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Nov 21 2013

My Narrator a Hero


How do you bring a book to life? Voice talent David Brenin had done an excellent job telling the story of THE PROTECTOR, now available in audio format, with THE GUARDIAN and THE ENFORCER coming very soon!  I was surprised in my interview with David Brenin to learn that he’s a hero in his own right. It was …

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Nov 14 2013

Gratitude Giveaways Blog Hop

grat giveaway graphic

Welcome to the Gratitude Giveaways Blog Hop (Nov 15-Nov 30)! In order to thank my readers for following my heroes’ blog, I’m giving away a free copy of THE PROTECTOR in audiobook. To qualify, all you have to do is follow this blog your favorite way and mention “Gratitude Giveaways”. Please do one of the …

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Nov 07 2013

Navy SEAL Hero Helps Soldiers Bounce Back

Navy SEAL Hero

Eric Greitens is a former Navy SEAL who wrote the best-selling book The Heart and the Fist, a book that tracked the author’s evolution from a humanitarian aid worker to a Navy SEAL. Greitens is a unique hero because he is so obviously an idealist (NF for my Myers-Briggs lovers) and few NFs make it …

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Nov 01 2013

Celebrating Heroes


What’s the one thing everybody needs? Why, it’s a hero, of course! Everybody needs a hero. (There’s even a song or two by that title–proof that it’s true.) Heroes command our respect. They make us proud. They give us something to which we can aspire and a reason to be grateful. This being indisputable, I’ve decided to devote my …

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