Wives and Widows of US Navy SEALs, the bravest of all

When Marcus Luttrell signed a copy of LONE SURVIVOR for me, he wrote something very profound which I would like to reiterate: “The only job harder than being a Navy SEAL is being the wife one. You are the hero.” (He assumed as many do that my Navy retired husband was a SEAL). ┬áBut he was still right. The only human beings more heroic than our SEALs are their wives, some of whom become their widows. This blog is dedicated to the widows of Navy SEALs. Here are the ones I’m acquainted with. Please feel free to list more names in the comments below. To these strong, incredible women: America thanks you for your terrible sacrifice, and we are sorry that the price was so high. We share in your profound loss. God bless you and comfort you.

Maria (Patsy) Dietz-Shipley, Laura McGreevy, Kimberly Vaughn, Taya Kyle, Kelley Brown, Normandina Healy… Please keep the list going by adding names to the Comment tab below.

Widow of Mike McGreevy, Navy SEAL
Marliss meets Navy SEAL widow


9 thoughts on “Wives and Widows of US Navy SEALs, the bravest of all

  1. To all the widows and significant others, thank you for the sacrifice you and your Seal made for this country. You and your families will forever be in my prayers. God be with each of you.

  2. I really need someone to help me know how to deal with a navy seal that after three years cannot get over the navy seals training he had in the navy in the
    90s that they gave to him….please

    1. Hi, Rebekah, I haven’t been in your shoes, so I’m not the best person to help you. I do know a woman who’s been married to two SEALs, one of whom was killed in action. She’s a lovely and helpful person and may have some tips for you. Write me at marliss@marlissmelton.com and I’ll see if I can help you that way.

  3. Rebekah
    I am a retired master chief seal team 3. My wife has spent many nights sleepless. Dreading the call at 3am. Not knowing your issue I would direct you to the nearest va. Give them a call. Explain the issue. His training may not be the issue only how he perceived it was. Also many areas have a #211 type hot line for you to call. Robert.doane@yahoo.com is my email. I wish you the best and your husband. Please thsnk him for his service. The US GOV. Does help just have to be persistant

  4. Don’t forget Cindy Axelson, the wife of Matthew “Axe” Axelson (who fought on to the very end, firing his pistol until he ran out of ammunition).

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