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Marliss Melton had no ordinary childhood. Maybe that's why she's a bestselling author of stories that transport you with extraordinary warriors, women, and adventures.

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Marliss loves to hear from her readers and from fellow writers. Seen here with Marcus Luttrell, author of LONE SURVIVOR.

Marliss with Marcus Luttrell

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Pros and Cons of using

Pros and Cons of using

In the last three months, I have been baptized in the dating waters. Let me tell you, I wish I were a more powerful swimmer! You’ve heard me extoll the benefits of Without it, I could go my entire life without running into a single man my age, let alone a guy who has […]

Godspeed, Master and Commander

Godspeed, Master and Commander

As fate would have it, I went about the dating experience backward. Rather than build up to finding The One, my first date post-divorce transformed into a steady, euphoric relationship. There was so much that was good about it! The Master and Commander was so smart and so interesting. He helped me in so many […]

Date 1: The Master and Commander

Date 1: The Master and Commander

On a hot, sunny evening last July, I sat expectantly on a bench in Yorktown, VA, awaiting the arrival of my first date, post marriage. It had been eleven months and eleven days since my ex and I separated. My pulse thrummed with anticipation. My stomach fizzed with nervousness. The man I was meeting had […]

Hunting for a Hero Over 50 Blog #3

Hunting for a Hero Over 50 Blog #3

Dear Reader,    Do you find yourself wishing you were single and could start all over again? Or perhaps you are single and terrified of putting yourself out there. In either case, I volunteer myself as a guinea pig. I have dived into the dating scene—wish me luck! Dating is not for the faint of […]

Introducing SEAL Author Jennifer Lowe...

Introducing SEAL Author Jennifer Lowery

Dear Readers, Once upon a time, Jennifer Lowery was an avid fan of my books. Look at her now! My baby is all grown up and saving China! Here’s a word from Jennifer about her latest release: Hello peeps, Jennifer here to rock your military romance socks off! My new release, Worth the Risk, Book […]

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