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Navy SEALs kick ass in “Captain...

Navy SEALs kick ass in “Captain Phillips”

My readers know by now that I have to see any movie featuring “my boys,” as I call them. I finally got to rent CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, the movie based on the real life rescue of a cargo ship captain who found himself abducted by Somalian Pirates. Talk about a gripping film! Tom Hanks gave a […]

LONE SURVIVOR, the book, inspired my ...

LONE SURVIVOR, the book, inspired my fiction

After seeing the movie, LONE SURVIVOR, I was reminded of just how much former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s experience inspired my own writing. Before he even published LONE SURVIVOR back in 2007, I had read snippets in the newspapers about a sole surviving Navy SEAL of an operation-gone-wrong, and that news alone was enough to […]

Heroes Honored in Lone Survivor, the ...

Heroes Honored in Lone Survivor, the Movie

Seeing what Marcus Luttrell, the only survivor, endured took my breath away. I had read the book, LONE SURVIVOR, so I was curious to see how the film differed from the book. Even though it was directed under Marcus Luttrell’s watchful eye, there were a few small differences. The most obvious one was that Marcus […]

Murph–The Protector, An Incredi...

Ultimate Navy SEAL hero.

No, this is not a movie about my book, THE PROTECTOR. This is a feature-length documentary with a music score nominated for an Oscar. And it’s for sale on Amazon and iTunes, supposedly starting today, January 7, 2014. You can watch the extraordinarily moving movie trailer and purchase the film by clicking here. I’m going […]

Got me a New Hero

Got me a New Hero

To kick off 2014, I went and saw the new Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug, and it turned out to be my favorite of the series so far. With less emphasis on those hideous Orcs and no appearance of Gollum, who creeps me out, I enjoyed this Hobbit movie more than the others–no doubt because […]

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