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Our Heroes Need Help

You may have heard in the news about a couple of Navy SEALs who died as a result of using tainted heroin. Please don’t think less of our heroes for being human. SOFREP.com recently posted an article about a drug problem in the Special Forces community, especially with warriors who have served back-to-back combat tours […]

Vinny and Ophelia, Characters Who Won...

SEAL Team 12 last installment

For everyone who loved my SEAL Team 12 series, I have one final gift for you, a novella featuring Vinny and Ophelia, secondary characters from NEXT TO DIE. You remember them as the squared away twenty-year-old Navy SEAL and the wild and willful twenty-six-year-old Hooters waitress. Their passionate and entertaining story started when Ophelia plowed […]

Better than a box of Chocolates?

Better than a box of Chocolates?

What could be better than a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day? Why, a boxed set of all-Navy-SEAL stories, including my newest release, CODE OF SILENCE, a novella featuring my beloved secondary couple from NEXT TO DIE, Vinny and Ophelia. SEALED WITH A KISS is an E-book anthology written by a pool of USA Today, […]

Wives and Widows of US Navy SEALs, th...

Wives and Widows of US Navy SEALs, the bravest of all

When Marcus Luttrell signed a copy of LONE SURVIVOR for me, he wrote something very profound which I would like to reiterate: “The only job harder than being a Navy SEAL is being the wife one. You are the hero.” (He assumed as many do that my Navy retired husband was a SEAL).  But he […]

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