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FRIENDLY FIRE released today!

FRIENDLY FIRE released today!

“We’re going to die here, aren’t we?” “No way.” Emma’s confidence gave his spirits a much-needed boost. “Aunt Juliet’s good at finding people, remember? She found that runaway teen last year. I bet you she’s almost found us already.” “I hope so.” Sammy’s assertion ended on a sob. “I know so, baby,” Emma insisted. Despite […]

Only 2 days until Release Day! (Pre-o...

Only 2 days until Release Day! (Pre-order now!)

The passengers around them had begun reminiscing about the haunting atmosphere of the walled city, the size of the iguanas, and the softness of the sand down at the beach. With one ear tuned to their conversations, Emma noticed that the bus was approaching an intersection of a town she hadn’t seen before. It turned […]

May 10th–Only 3 days to release...

May 10th–Only 3 days to release day!

“I don’t want twenty minutes, Emma. I want forever.” His assertion struck her dumb. All she could do was stare up at him. “No answer?” he prompted with a firming of his mouth. “Why would you even bring that up?” she asked, feeling strangely betrayed, and even to her own ears, she sounded stricken. “Didn’t […]

Happy Mother’s Day–Only 5...

Happy Mother’s Day–Only 5 days to the release of FRIENDLY FIRE!

Jeremiah reveals his idealistic streak. “Do you like your job?” she asked, filling the lengthy silence. He sent her a modest grin. “Yes. I tell myself I’m a modern-day Don Quixote, except that the giants I fight are real.” She could imagine how terrifyingly real they were. “Well, I’m proud of you, Don Quixote.” Her […]

May 7–Only six days left to the...

May 7–Only six days left to the release of FRIENDLY FIRE!

Emma can’t resist Jeremiah’s pull on her. She tried to keep her eyes open, to stare into his hazel and gold-flecked gaze, but he was moving closer, and she had to slam her eyelids shut to stop him from seeing how vulnerable she felt. “English,” he grated, calling her by the nickname he’d once given […]

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