Hello, Readers,

Happy 2018! A couple of years ago, I was visiting Barcelona, Spain when I ran into a huge demonstration of citizens chanting and waving flags. It turned out to be a rally for Catalonian independence. If you’ve watched the news, you’ve seen the situation advance into a full-blown declaration of independence on the part of Catalonians. Unfortunately, Spain, cannot afford to let go of her most prosperous region, and they have swept in and taken over. The world waits to see what will happen.

All of the passion and uncertainty in Barcelona gave rise to a story within my mind, and the result is TAKE COVER, a novella in the Echo Platoon series.” This “perfect little nugget of passion and adventure” is now available at your favorite online bookstore, and will soon be available as a paperback. You don’t want to miss it!

Take Cover by Marliss Melton

A novella in the Echo Platoon series

Navy SEAL Lt. Mitch Thoreau’s vacation to Spain coincides with Catalonia’s bid for independence. On the streets of Barcelona, the tension between the separatists and the national police suggests imminent unrest—not the best time for a vacation. Meeting the proprietress of Hotel Leonardo makes it all worthwhile

Katrina Ferrer is beautiful, idealistic, and everything Mitch desires in a woman. She also carries a terrible secret—one that threatens innocent lives and thrusts Mitch into danger. Arousing suspicion on one side and resentment on the other, both Mitch and Katrina must flee Barcelona or face unwanted consequences. As they talk of a future together, vengeance overtakes them in the medieval city of Seville. Will Mitch’s training be enough to ensure Katrina’s safety, or is happily-ever-after too much to hope for in a world coming apart at the seams?

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