Casting the Characters

Readers have asked me what I think my characters look like. They’ve also asked what actors and actresses would play the characters in my books, so I decided to add this page to my website to satisfy my readers’ curiosity. I’m sure that your mental image of my characters is quite different than mine (in fact, these movie stars merely resemble my own mental images of my characters.)

Luther Lindstrom
Based on the memory of Pat Tillman 

Hannah Lindstrom
A younger version of Julianne Moore


Myers-Briggs Personality Types

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Here are the Myers-Briggs Personality Types of my lead characters. I use the Myers Briggs Typology Inventory to help me define my characters, so that they come alive! To discover your own personality type, take the free personality test here.

Hero: Lt. John Luther Lindstrom
aka “Little John”

There’s more to Luther than six and a half feet of solid muscle, dark blue eyes, and flawless grammar. Luther is one of my favorite character types, the INTJ, also known as “The Mastermind”. INTJs project an aura of calm, self-confidence, and self-discipline. They know exactly what they know, and they know it well. They prefer to think logically and to plan events ahead of time, which is why Luther is so peeved when Hannah tries to rescue herself, and he has to shoot two hostiles to pull off her escape from Santiago.

INTJs are not impressed by authority; their respect must be earned. One man who has earned Luther’s full respect is Jaguar, who suffered a year of confinement in a North Korean prison. That’s why Luther’s willing to do whatever it takes to prove Jaguar’s innocence.

INTJs are perfectionists, constantly seeking to improve on any given subject. Thus when Luther breaks off his engagement with Veronica, he’s determined that the next woman he falls in love with will be more compatible and less complicated. He doesn’t plan on falling in love with Hannah Geary, who is plenty complicated and in some ways not compatible. But resisting his attraction for her will only cause his desire to build until it boils over. When that happens, sparks fly.

INTJs are natural brain-stormers, making Luther the ideal person to come up with evidence needed to prove Commander Lovitt’s perfidy. He will attack his objective single-mindedly, as if on a moral mission. As Hannah fondly points out, there is never any question of what Luther stands for. But just in case, he has tattooed the names of his sisters, Liberty and Justice, onto his calves in Arabic script. A high-achiever in everything that he does, there is no option for failure in Luther’s quest for justice.

Romantic relationships are the INTJ’s Achilles heel. When it comes to flirtation and lovers games, INTJs are out of their element. This is why Veronica’s demanding and emotional behavior left Luther so befuddled, especially when they seemed to have the same goals. This is also why Luther is best teamed up with a thinking female like Hannah, a woman processes perceptions through her thoughts rather than her feelings. In many ways, he and Hannah are not compatible, having different personal agendas, but INTJs are quite willing to work on relationships. Good thing, because Hannah’s dangerous job is bound to play havoc with Luther’s timeline of when to start a family.

Heroine: Hannah Lace Geary

Hannah Lindstrom, ENTP “The Inventor”

Hannah and Luther have a mirror relationship, which means they can work together but conflicts arise from the differences between the J and the P. In mirror relationships, t he area of confidence of one partner is always the area of creativity for the other partner. What one partner considers solid and final (LUTHER)  appears incomplete and changeable for the other partner (HANNAH) .

ENTPs like Hannah are constantly absorbing ideas and images about the situations they are presented. This makes Hannah ideal for the FBI. ENTPs use their intuition to process this information, and they are usually extremely quick and accurate in their ability to size up a situation. As ENTPs grow and further develop their intuitive abilities and insights, they become very aware of possibilities, making them excellent at solving problems.

ENTPs are fluent conversationalists, mentally quick, and enjoy verbal sparring with others. Thankfully, Luther’s buttons are hard to push, or Hannah would drive him crazy.

Hannah’s world is full of possibilities, interesting concepts and exciting challenges. She is stimulated by difficulties, quickly devising creative responses and plunging into activity, trusting her ability to improvise. She loves action and hated having a desk job with the DIA. Nor does she mind flying by the seat of her pants, literally or figuratively. Luther, on the other hand, prefers to plan things out in advance (that’s the J in him) including the number of children they’ll have and their names. This keeps things interesting in the Lindstrom household!

Mirror partners generally agree about setting near future goals, but disagree about global aims. Hence, Luther and Hannah’s marriage and family conundrum! Heated debates is the order of the day in mirror relationships.


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