Dear Friends,

It has been weeks since I have blogged about my search for Mr. Right. Have I found him? It’s too early to say, but I am cautiously optimistic! In the meantime, I’d like to share some insights I have learned from my experience of dating over 50. Maybe you can benefit?

  • Pick someone who likes doing the same things as you–obviously.
  • That doesn’t mean his personality has to be identical to yours. In fact, you are better equipped as a couple if you have complimentary strengths.
  • Pick someone who lights your fire. Yes, desire fades, but you always want to enjoy his kisses, not want to wipe them away.
  • Go for the guy who treats his dog with calm assertiveness and complementary praise. He’s worthy of your respect.
  • Go for the guy who is close to his family members and sends them timely birthday cards. He’s considerable and reliable.
  • Go for the guy who has his finances in order and can retire while you’re both still young enough to travel.
  • Go for the guy who fetches your jacket when you’re cold, holds the door for you, and carries the heavier load. He’s a gentleman.Hunting for a Hero over 50
  • Go for the guy who doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Life throws enough curve balls, so why invent problems where none exist?

All that said, I believe I have found a hero who fits these parameters. Stay tuned for the big reveal!