In the last three months, I have been baptized in the dating waters. Let me tell you, I wish I were a more powerful swimmer! You’ve heard me extoll the benefits of Without it, I could go my entire life without running into a single man my age, let alone a guy who has the traits I’m looking for. But Match does not come without pitfalls. Here they are:

  • Once you sign up for a six-month account (the most popular package), Match owns your profile. You can “try” to cancel (see #2 below), but if you’re attractive, they will use your profile to lure new members into registering, and you will continue to get emails from potential suitors, long after your policy has expired. Your new partner might not like or understand this.  I say you can “try” to cancel your policy and make your profile “inactive,” but…          A. You will not get your money back.                                                    B. Match never deactivates your profile the first time. It takes two or three attempts and some serious fist shaking for your profile to be removed from high-profile viewing. As stated above, it never truly disappears unless they want it to.
  • Suppose you are on Match in order to deactivate your profile (for the second or third time). Anyone whom you have not blocked sees you as “active” during this frantic exodus. They may assume that you are prowling for more partners rather than canceling your account. I wonder how many couples have broken up over this unfortunate circumstance.
  • Lastly, do not assume when you block someone that they are actually blocked. This is Match. They apparently do not honor their cancelations or their promise to block unwanted suitors.

So, there. Match has helped me find attractive men with similar interests & education. Match provides a nice writing sample for me to critique (English major; can’t help it). But Match has its drawbacks, so users beware!