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The Enforcer nominated for RONE Awards

Some heroes are just unforgettable, and that’s what I attribute THE ENFORCER’s nomination to the RONE Awards to: Tobias Burke’s wonderful sense of humor. You remember Tobias for the snarky comments on his T-shirts. This story of an ATF agent going undercover into a West Virginia militia to investigate it leader now needs your vote! During the workweek of April 7-13, please drop by this page to vote for THE ENFORCER: . You will need to create a user name but please don’t let that stop you! InD’Tale sends out a fabulous E-zine detailing and reviewing newly released Indie-authored books. They gave THE ENFORCER a fabulous review last fall. You might actually opt in to receiving their E-zine subscription.

I’d love to win this award, but I can’t do it without your vote. Thank you for helping me to get some recognition. My readers are my heroes; there’s no question of that!

Medallion for Rone Noimine

Medallion for Rone Noimine



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