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Meet Navy SEAL author Kirsten Lynn

1) Please tell us what your SEAL books are like? Are they suspenseful? Hot and steamy? What words would you use to describe them.



The current series, A&G: Branded by the Navy, follows a SEAL Team squad through the turbulent last years of the Vietnam War. These men represent those first SEALs who were finding their way and creating an elite fighting force as they entered their first conflict. Then they face the ultimate challenge…falling in love.

These are not romantic suspense. I like to call them “hot historicals.” The ops are based on actual operations I’ve been given permission to use by those who actually went on them fifty years ago, or operations that could have happened/might have happened. Like the first in the series, THE AIR I BREATHE, the rest of the stories will be realistic, or as realistic as I can make them–portrayals of the SEALs and the women strong enough to love them and to carve their own niche in the community.
The love is tender, but the love scenes are HOT!

2) What are the names of any series you have written, and what’s your latest release?
My current series is: A&G: BRANDED BY THE NAVY. THE AIR I BREATHE is my first release, which came out in August.


A New Breed Of Warrior…

LTJG Jack “Cowboy” Kerr doesn’t know crap about corn and cattle. But put him in a firefight and he’ll clean up like Wyatt Earp on the streets of Tombstone. An elite warrior unleashed on the mangroves and rice paddies of Vietnam, he and his men are common men with an uncommon desire to succeed. It’s not long before the name given to them by the Vietnamese, Men with Green Faces, strikes fear in the enemy and gives hope to allies. His life is the Navy…his family the brother SEALs on his left and right. He’s the ultimate hunter/operator. But Jack never thought stealing a kiss from a USO girl would change his life and turn him from hunter to hunted.

An Old Soul And Tender Heart…

Libby Boden is a Wyoming cowgirl, born and bred. Her determination to serve her country and follow her cousins and brother lands her in Vietnam. She’ll do anything to stay in-country, as part of the USO, to be close to her loved ones and to the SEAL who stole a kiss and her heart. When tragedy strikes separating her from her Frogman, Libby will use all the lessons learned at the feet of her grandparents, Kyle and Lena Allaway, to hunt him down and show him the Navy forgot to issue him one essential…her.

Across three continents…

In a world gone crazy, these two might find all they need is the air they breathe and each other…

3) What drew you to writing Navy SEAL romances? What is your professional background and has it contributed to your story telling?
My professional background directly influenced my writing about Navy SEALs. My MA degree is in Naval Warfare and I’ve spent over 15 years working with (either contract or directly) the Navy and Marine Corps’ history programs. Also, I am currently working with a Vietnam era SEAL on his biography.
While getting my degree, I had to choose a course outside my field of study and I chose Special Operations. This is where I met the Navy SEALs (this was before they became such a sensation) and I was blown away by their history. My poor parents and friends were lectured endlessly on everything I learned about them. I thought they would make great heroes in romance novels, too. At the time, I wasn’t writing romance, but I did write down a story idea and two names Jack and Libby.
Jack and Libby are such a special couple for me and their story is the story of my heart and soul. Jack has a little bit of so many actual Vietnam SEALs in his character and a fair share of what I call “just Jack.” Libby holds many of my dreams and experiences from my time volunteering with the USO. Honestly, I could gush about these two forever, and am so happy I get to continue their story as I write the stories of the guys from Jack’s squad.

4) Have you read any of Marliss Melton’s Navy SEAL books? If so, which was your favorite?
I have read a few of Marliss Melton’s SEALs. I would have to say my favorite is Gabe from FORGET ME NOT, or Chase from TIME TO RUN. Choosing is always so hard. 

5) What prize will you be giving to a random reader who takes the time to leave a comment on this blog?

I will be giving away an e-copy of both THE AIR I BREATHE (Jack & Libby’s story) and RIDIN FOR A FALL, so they can meet Libby’s grandparents and read their story.

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  1. Sydney Baily Sydney Baily
    February 14, 2016    

    Love the cover. It’s sexy but the lady is covered up in her pink lingerie. Classy! I’m very interested to read about SEALs from a bygone time. I’ve never read a historical SEAL book and Kirsten Lynn’s story blurb sounds great.

    • February 14, 2016    


      Thank you for the compliment on the cover. I was a bit obsessive about this one and my wonderful cover artist really worked with me until I was thrilled with the representation of Jack & Libby. The bottom picture is of actual Vietnam era SEALs who graciously allowed me to use their photo.

      I hope you’ll give Jack & Libby a try. There is a lot of history in this book about the first SEALs and lessons learned in Vietnam.

      Thank you for stopping by!
      Kirsten Lynn

  2. February 14, 2016    

    Marliss, Thank you so much for hosting me today and letting me not only introduce myself but Jack & Libby! The support is greatly appreciated!

    –Kirsten Lynn

  3. Deborah Whaley Deborah Whaley
    February 14, 2016    

    I love reading anything that Marliss writes and I love reading about Seals. I look forward to adding your books to my read list.


    • February 14, 2016    

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Deborah! I’m thrilled you’re willing to give my SEALs a try, I hope you enjoy Jack & Libby’s story.

      –Kirsten Lynn

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