Navy SEALs kick ass in "Captain Phillips" - Marliss Melton

Navy SEALs kick ass in “Captain Phillips”

My readers know by now that I have to see any movie featuring “my boys,” as I call them. I finally got to rent CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, the movie based on the real life rescue of a cargo ship captain who found himself abducted by Somalian Pirates. Talk about a gripping film! Tom Hanks gave a stellar performance, especiallytoward the end, when he portrayed the captain’s shock and relief at having been rescued. The captain’s real-life rescue involved three shots fired simultaneously over open water, killing Phillip’s three remaining captors and setting him free. While Hank’s performance is certainly deserving of an Oscar nomination, my eyes were glued to the SEALs who swept in, did the work necessary to free him, and left without ever falling in the spotlight. My favorite SEAL was the “negotiator” played by actor Max Martini. I kept wanting to pause the movie just to stare at him. Yeah, yeah, I know he’s not a real SEAL, but he’s just my type. If you’re looking for a gripping movie and one more reason to respect those Navy SEALs, then CAPTAIN PHILLIPS is a movie you don’t want to

Max Martini in "Captain Phillips"

Actor plays Navy SEAL negotiator


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