REPOST of first “Hunting for a Hero Over 50” post (due to a technical glitch)

Hunting for a Hero over 50Dear Readers,

If you grew up in the 80s like I did, you’ll recognize these lyrics at once:  “Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?” It’s from the iconic song from Footloose–“I Need a Hero.” The title says it all.

For my 50th birthday, eighteen months ago, I gave myself the best present ever–hope for the future. I did so by splitting with my husband, whose years of wandering interest had left me without trust or confidence in both myself and in him. That mature number 50 made me realize I didn’t have all that much time in which to find happiness. Yes, the breakup was traumatic, but I have no regrets whatsoever.

After a year of uncertainty in which I cast off the shell of my old life and grew a shiny new one, I looked around and realized–guess what?– I still believe in love! Yep, call me a romantic, but I still want to find that special someone to share life’s highs and lows with; a friend; a lover; a man I can respect. Dating over 50 is daunting. Is it too late for me to find a hero?

Maybe I should define what I mean by “hero.” I’m not talking about the kind of heroes in my books–guys in their 30s with nerves of steel and complimentary washboard abs. For me, heroic means something as simple as showing reverence for the earth by picking up trash. A hero respects the dignity of every human being. He speaks with kindness and consideration. He is slow-to-anger, and he doesn’t act like he knows everything, even though he knows a lot. A hero smiles at little children, adores his dog, and will go to bat for the underdog. A hero is curious about the world and searches for answers by exploring and reading. A hero often puts others before himself. He takes care of his aging parents. Sure, it would be nice if he were tall and pleasant to look at, if he could kiss like a dream and keep me laughing. But what makes a man heroic is the size of his…heart.

So, Marliss Melton needs a hero. I can’t crank out new releases every year if I’m not inspired. Please join me on my quest as you read this weekly blog. Keep your finger on the pulse of my love-life, and wish me luck as I forge my way into the wilderness of the dating-over-50 scene!

Join me tomorrow as my blog continues with the recounting of my adventures!

Marliss Melton