Book 3: Warriors of York

The Crusader's Challenge coverLady Katherine du Boise is about to be betrothed to the knight of her nightmares.

Dodging an imminent betrothal, she agrees to marry a man destined to die. Given his virility and charm, their short marriage might even be agreeable—until such time as she is widowed and gains her coveted freedom.

On a quest to prove his nobility and regain his birthright, Maddox of Haxby has landed himself in jail, charged with impersonating a knight. Marriage to the lovely Lady Katherine brings a two-week reprieve from imprisonment and opens doors that were hitherto closed to him.

As they delve into Maddox’s past, the couple discover an insidious plot that will be nigh impossible to overturn. Time slips away, while their passion creates a bittersweet bond. Will Katherine lose the husband she now wishes to keep, while Maddox succumbs to a deadly trial by ordeal?

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