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FRIENDLY FIRE released today!

“We’re going to die here, aren’t we?”

“No way.” Emma’s confidence gave his spirits a much-needed boost. “Aunt Juliet’s good at finding people, remember? She found that runaway teen last year. I bet you she’s almost found us already.”

“I hope so.” Sammy’s assertion ended on a sob.

“I know so, baby,” Emma insisted.

Despite the night’s unexpected violence, Jeremiah found something to be grateful for. Emma was growing braver by the hour. By the time they gained their freedom, she’d surely be willing to risk her heart by deepening their relationship.

Closing his eyes, he pinned his thoughts on that eventual outcome, willing it with all of his cerebral might.

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cover of book 3, Echo Platoon Series, Friendly Fire.

cover of book 3, Echo Platoon Series, Friendly Fire.


Boarding a cruise ship bound for Mexico, Jeremiah “Bullfrog” Winters is struck by a terrifying premonition. At the same time, he runs into the only woman he has ever loved . . . and lost.

Emma Albright might still teach Romantic Lit, but life has taught her there’s no such thing as everlasting love. While she made a promise to enjoy her vacation, she has no intention

of falling for the man who captivated her years earlier.  

Persuading Emma to love again becomes Jeremiah’s newest mission. But when violence disrupts their magical vacation, wooing her takes a back seat to survival. Love may be the only weapon powerful enough to save them, if only Emma can bring herself to believe in it.

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  1. May 13, 2016    

    Phew, that seemed like an excruciating long wait. So glad Friendly Fire is finally here!!

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