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Marliss is available to special interest groups to speak, present, or lead workshops on the following:

Learn how to use Kiersey’s four temperaments (Guardians, Artisans, Rationals, and Idealists) and/or the Myers-Briggs Sixteen personality types to define and flesh out your heroes, heroines, and even your villains. Get a handle on exactly who your characters are. Know their quirks and foibles, what drives them, what threatens them. Choose from sixteen character types already described in great detail–you just add the icing. For villains, discover what happens when specific personality types “go bad.”

Then, use the Socionics Relations Chart to discover how each of the sixteen personalities interacts with other types. Select personalities of couples who’ll spark each other just the way you want them to. Do your hero and heroine share perfect understanding? Do they engage in heated disputes? Are they drawn like moth to flame and end up getting burned? Are they best friends on a mission? Do they protect or exploit each other’s weaknesses? Using pairings listed in the Socionics Relations Chart guarantees that your characters will interact the way you want them to. Just sit back and watch your characters do all the work. Well, almost).


Marliss offers the following programs:

1) Speaker/Presenter  (1-3 hours, depending on your budget)

One hour: Using Kiersey’s Four Temperaments to Create Believable, well-rounded characters.

Two Hours: Using Keirsey and Myer’s Briggs sixteen personality types to flesh out your characters.

Three Hours: Using Myer’s-Briggs and the Socionic Relations Chart to Pair up Protagonists who interact the way you want them to.

2) Workshop Leader (4 to 6 hours)

Use Myer’s-Briggs sixteen character types to “type” your hero and heroine. Use the Socionics Relations chart to pair up protagonists who’ll interact the way you want them to. Within your working manuscript, select character tags that best illustrate the personality types of your characters. Tweak your dialogue to reflect the underlying conflicts that exist when specific character types interact. Watch your characters come alive. If you do it right, they’ll do the work for you!


$50/hour + travel expenses, if necessary


Marliss has/will present variations of this material to the Virginia Romance Writers (5/07), Maryland Romance Writers (6/14/07), and at the National Romance Writers of America convention in Dallas (7/12/07). While having no formal background in psychology, character typing has been an avid hobby of hers since beginning to write her Navy SEAL romantic suspense series in 2004. With a Master’s degree in Linguistics and sixteen years of teaching experience, including five years at the College of William and Mary, Marliss makes a lively and articulate presenter. She is a Golden Heart and RITA finalist.

Download the following PDF documents for more information:

Sixteen Personality Types
Possible Careers for Myers-Briggs and Keirsey Personality Types
Notes on the Four Main Personality Types
Socionics Relationship Chart Definitions
Intertype Relations Good for Romance
Famous People and Their Personality Types

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