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My Narrator a Hero

How do you bring a book to life? Voice talent David Brenin had done an excellent job telling the story of THE PROTECTOR, now available in audio format, with THE GUARDIAN and THE ENFORCER coming very soon!  I was surprised in my interview with David Brenin to learn that he’s a hero in his own right. It was also interesting to hear what challenges he faced in narrating my stories. 

What was the best part about narrating my stories? What was the hardest part?

The best part is getting to perform all these great characters! The heroes are unique, complex, richly-drawn alpha-males, and the supporting cast is populated with varied, interesting people. The hardest parts, for me, were finding authentic voices for the female leads, and striking the right tone during the sex scenes. There is a very delicate balance that has to be maintained between imparting the passion, emotion, and physicality of those scenes honestly, with the right amount of relish, and going too far, to the point where it became burlesque. I imagine it’s a similar challenge to write those scenes; you manage to write very sensual descriptions, without ever becoming lascivious, so that helps a lot when reading them out loud.

What, if anything, have you done in your life that makes you a hero?

That’s not easy for me to answer. I’ve never been the type who runs into burning buildings or leads soldiers into battle. I’ve survived two bouts with cancer, though, the most recent one resulting in the removal of my left kidney (I’m now cancer-free). Those weren’t challenges I sought, obviously, and I dealt with them because that’s just what one does. You deal. Surviving did motivate me to – finally – go back to school and complete my degree, and I’m now enrolled at James Madison University, working toward a degree in eLearning. So I’ve learned to embrace all kinds of change, which is often very challenging, and, I suppose, takes some measure of courage.

Much thanks to David Brenin for doing such an outstanding job! Most of you have already read and enjoyed THE PROTECTOR. Why not share the story with non-readers by giving them an audiobook for Christmas? Buy
your copy from Audible, Amazon, or iTunes


David Brenin has narrated relates to Marliss Melton’s heroes.



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