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Tornado Heroines

Adversity brings out the best in us. That is never more apparent in the case of my latest heroine, kindergarten teacher, Anna Canaday, at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Oklahoma. The school was hit by an EF5 tornado this past week, leaving seven students dead. Canaday and her colleague, Jessica Simmonds, gathered ten kindergarteners under them, offering words of reassurance and praying loudly as the tornado struck their school, destroying it. Canaday says that she prayed for God to take her instead of the children, “because they’re the babies,” she bartered. A car landed on top of them, yet all of the children and both adults remained unscathed. For the complete story and pictures, visit One might argue that it is our instinct to protect the young. What makes Canaday heroic in my opinion was her willingness to sacrifice herself for her students and her faith in God’s grace. I’d say the Almighty came through for her, wouldn’t you?

Tornado Heroine

Teacher’s Faith makes her a Heroine.


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